Frequently Asked Questions


ERCOT Power Outage Lawsuit FAQs

Personal Injury & Wrongful Death FAQs

How do I know if I have a claim or not?

All personal injury cases are unique. If you or a loved one have been injured due to the gross negligence of another or a corporation, our personal injury attorneys will review your claim and at no charge. Texas has a set of laws that determine several aspects of a claim, and therefore several other legal factors need to be considered.

How much my injury claim is worth?

All personal injury claims have a unique set of facts and circumstances. For example, will you require physical therapy for a few weeks or for the rest of your life? How much work did you miss because of the accident? What was the extent of your injuries? Are you able to return to work? All circumstances surrounding the accident must be thoroughly evaluated and considered. One of our personal injury attorneys can assess your claim and determine what types of compensation you could recover.

Should I speak to the insurance company representative?

It would be best if you never spoke to the insurance company directly. It is always better to have your legal representation communicate directly with the insurance company. Many times, claimants unknowingly damage their claim by speaking with trained insurance adjusters. Do not discuss the accident with the insurance company representatives. Always speak to an experienced personal injury attorney before you speak with the insurance company accident adjusters or representatives.

Business Interruption FAQs

What is a small business interruption claim worth?

Every case is unique. However, a standard small business interruption claim can exceed $1 million. The value of a business interruption claim for a larger company with lengthy periods of business interruption can reach tens of millions of dollars. Our business interruption attorneys and forensic accountants fully investigate these claims to determine your claim's full, fair value. A business interruption claim may include monetary compensation for lost customers, lost sales, lost employees, lost assets, property damage, and much more.

How long does it take to handle a business interruption claim?

In most cases, a business interruption claim will take about nine months to one year. Some types of business insurance are required by law to payout quickly and accurately. Business interruption claims often depend on a company's earnings forecast, and this causes insurance companies to tie up the claims process for more extended periods of time.

Commercial and Residential Property Damage Lawsuit FAQs

What insurance company strategies do they use to pay less on a property damage claim?

Insurance companies may engage in various insurance tactics to minimize a payout on a commercial or residential property damage claim.

These tactics could include:

  • Delaying payouts.
  • Delaying the claims processing as long as possible.
  • Intentionally undervaluing the property damage.
  • Misinterpreting the claimant's insurance coverage.
  • Manipulating depreciation values.

What is the statute of limitations for a property damage lawsuit in Texas?

Texas limits the amount of time a claimant may file a lawsuit against their property insurance company. According to Texas Insurance Code Section 541.161, a claimant must bring suit against the property insurance company within two years of the following:

  • the date the bad faith practice took place; or
  • the date it was discovered, the act of bad faith has occurred.

In some cases, the court may permit a claimant to extend the statute of limitation by up to 180 days. However, this is a rare occurrence. It is necessary to prove your failure to bring the action within the statute of limitation was a result of the insurance company attempting to prevent you from filing your legal action.