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How Gross Negligence and Willful Misconduct by ERCOT and AEP Caused Texas's Power Grid to Fail

ERCOT and AEP officials and Texas governmental leaders ignored warnings dating back to 2011 that Texas's power supply was in danger. As deadly freezing temperatures struck North Texas this year, ERCOT and AEP tragically left over four million Texans out in the cold by ordering rolling power outages. Millions of Texans experienced lengthy power outages lasting several days, causing extreme hardships including:


  • Serious Personal injuries (requiring hospitalization);

  • Wrongful death;

  • Residential property damage;

  • Commercial property damage;

  • Commercial business interruption losses; and

  • Excessive power bill charges (due to spot market purchases that were required to return power to many customers).

The tremendous amount of economic and non-economic harm both residents and business owners have suffered, and continue to suffer, has Texans asking: "Who is responsible for these power outages and the harm they caused?"  

"Ten years ago, plunging temperatures forced rolling blackouts across Texas, leaving more than 3 million people without power as the Super Bowl was played outside Dallas.

Now, with a near identical scenario following another Texas cold snap, Texas power regulators are being forced to answer how the unusually cold temperatures forced so much of the state’s power generation offline when Texans were trying to keep warm."

Houston Chronicle, February 16, 2021


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